Climate Camp Leipzig 2022

Call for Workshops and Courses

While the submission process you have to register with your E-Mail-Address. You will be able to change some details afterwards via Login.

IMPORTANT: Please write at "Description" the whole description of your workshop/course including methods and if it is possible also time structure as it should be published and in the language the workshop/course will be given. (500–2000 characters).

To get to the form for a workshop/course at the Climate Camp Leipzig please click "For submission".

When indicating your availability, the calendar shows the period from Tuesday, 07/19/2022 to Wednesday, 08/03/2022. This includes the set-up and dismantling time of the camp. The educational and participatory program will take place from Saturday, 07/23/2022 to Thursday, 07/28/2022. Please indicate your availability during this period.

You can enter proposals until 2022-07-10 13:12 (Europe/Berlin), 1 week, 2 days from now.