BIPoC Climate Justice Conference 2020

Tea circle on History of Climate Justice Movements (livestream)
2020-11-14, 11:15–12:45, Room 1
Language: English

language: english with simultaneous translation in german

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Brototi Roy is a PhD student at the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology, Autonomous University of Barcelona, where she is a part of the Environmental Justice Atlas team. Her research focuses on environmental justice movements in India against coal, using political ecology and ecological economics framework.

She co-founded the Degrowth India Initiative in 2015, with an aim to facilitate discussions and bring together people looking for alternatives for socio-ecological justice and equity in India. She is a member of Research&Degrowth, the Barcelona based association dedicated to research and activism on degrowth, as well as a part of the support group of the international degrowth conferences.

She is also a member of the Executive Committee of the Indian Society for Ecological Economics.

Peter Donatus is a freelance journalist and human rights and environmental activist. He was born in Nigeria and migrated to Germany 31 years ago after enduring several months of captivity and torture.
As an advocate for our sisters and brothers on the African continent, especially in Nigeria, he founded Pay Day Africa International among other projects and activities. He is known for his efforts against the Shell company going far back to the 90s, when he also brought the term „ecocide“ into broad knowledge. He is fighting against racism, depletion of natural resources on the African continent and for reparations for transatlantic slavery.

Imeh Ituen is a social scientist, human rights and climate activist. She studied Social Sciences and Integrated Natural Resource Management in Berlin and Perth, Australia and is particularly interested in racism and colonial continuities in the climate crisis. Imeh is part of the BIPoc (Black Indigenous People of Colour) environmental and climate justice collective Black Earth.