BIPoC Climate Justice Conference 2020

Amanda Luna Tacunan

I am Amanda Luna, born in Peru Huánuco - Quechua, an activist for the defence of indigenous peoples' rights, defender of Mother Nature. I lead the association MamaKiya e.V. and work at the University of Aachen in the field of research. Due to my activism I also continuously lead workshops on social and political issues from the perspective of the affected demographic. My focus is far away from the Eurocentric view, because I never stop strengthening my connection to my country and my social groups in Peru. It is a task that leads me to divide myself into two continents and which allows me to be open to several perspectives.


Learning from the global south a talk across different activists from around the world (livestream)
Jessica Norales, Amanda Luna Tacunan


Creating a collective Imaginary
Room 1