BIPoC Climate Justice Conference 2020

Amanda Luna Tacunan

I am Amanda Luna, born in Peru Huánuco - Quechua, an activist for the defence of indigenous peoples' rights, defender of Mother Nature. I lead the association MamaKiya e.V. and work at the University of Aachen in the field of research. Due to my activism I also continuously lead workshops on social and political issues from the perspective of the affected demographic. My focus is far away from the Eurocentric view, because I never stop strengthening my connection to my country and my social groups in Peru. It is a task that leads me to divide myself into two continents and which allows me to be open to several perspectives.

  • Learning from the global south a talk across different activists from around the world (livestream)
Black Earth

“Black Earth is a collective of BIPoC and majority FLINT-identifying people that work together to promote a more intersectional climate movement. We are mostly based in Berlin though some members are based elsewhere in Germany, namely in Leipzig & Bonn”

  • Presentation of different groups, collectives and projects
Black Earth Collective
  • Racial justice and climate crisis
Brototi Roy

Brototi Roy is a PhD student at the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology, Autonomous University of Barcelona, where she is a part of the Environmental Justice Atlas team. Her research focuses on environmental justice movements in India against coal, using political ecology and ecological economics framework.

She co-founded the Degrowth India Initiative in 2015, with an aim to facilitate discussions and bring together people looking for alternatives for socio-ecological justice and equity in India. She is a member of Research&Degrowth, the Barcelona based association dedicated to research and activism on degrowth, as well as a part of the support group of the international degrowth conferences.

She is also a member of the Executive Committee of the Indian Society for Ecological Economics.

  • Tea circle on History of Climate Justice Movements (livestream)
Camilo Angola & Enrique
  • Creating global solidarity: Global North-South Relationship in the movements
Decoloniz Climate Action!

The group Decolonize Climate Action! exists since the climate justice conference in Leipzig in January 2020. Currently we are about 10 people. Most of our members are white. We are having a call every two weeks.
Our main topic is writing and creating a brochure about racism and colonial continuities in the climate justice movement in Germany. Besides that, we’re slowly building up a website where we want to share and collect material (links to podcasts, texts, books, videos) about racism, colonialism, and the climate justice movement.
Generally, we communicate in German and English. For the brochure we communicate mainly in German.
We are always happy to welcome new people to our group. If you are interested, just contact us at

Die Gruppe Decolonize Climate Action! gibt es seit der Aktionskonferenz der Klimagerechtigkeitsbewegung, die im Januar 2020 in Leipzig stattgefunden hat. Aktuell sind wir ca. 10 Menschen. Die meisten von uns sind weiß. Wir telefonieren alle zwei Wochen miteinander.
Hauptsächlich arbeiten wir zurzeit an einer Broschüre zu Rassismus und Koloniale Kontinuitäten in der Klimagerechtigkeitsbewegung in Deutschland. Daneben bauen wir langsam eine eigene Website auf, auf der wir Material (Links zu Videos, Podcasts, Texte etc.) sammeln und teilen wollen zu Rassismus, Kolonialismus und der Klimagerechtigkeitsbewegung.
In unserer Gruppe kommunizieren wir auf Englisch und auf Deutsch, zur Broschüre allerdings vor allem auf Deutsch.
Wir telefonieren alle zwei Wochen miteinander. Wenn ihr Bock habt, mitzumachen und in die Gruppe Decolonize Climate Action! einzusteigen: Ihr seid herzlich willkommen. Schreibt uns an . Wir freuen uns!

  • Presentation of different groups, collectives and projects
Hamze Bytyci

Hamze Bytyci, 1982 in Prizren/Kosovo geboren, lebt und arbeitet in Berlin.1989 kommt die Familie nach Deutschland. Bereits als Achtjähriger macht er an Weihnachten 1990 im Kirchenasyl in Tübingen seine ersten Gehversuche als Aktivist, als seine Familie gegen die eigene Abschiebung kämpfte. 2005 schließt er in Freiburg die Schauspielschule ab und ruft die Organisation AmaroDrom (Unser Weg) ins Leben. Nach einem einjährigen Engagement in Zürich zieht er 2006 nach Berlin, wo er am Ballhaus Naunynstraße, Maxim Gorki Theater sowie an kleineren Theatern performt und inszeniert. Seit 2007 arbeitet Bytyci als selbstständiger Theater- und Medienpädagoge an verschiedenen Berliner Schulen, sowie als interkultureller Familienhelfer für LebensWelt. 2012 gründet er den Verein RomaTrial e.V., wo er unter anderem den Online-Sender Radio Corel leitet und internationale Film-Sommerschulen unter dem Label Balkan Onions organisiert. 2012 entwickelt er mit dem Hilton-Zimmer 437 sein eigenes interaktives Performance-Format, in dem er sich mit gesellschaftlichen und politischen Themen auseinandersetzt. Seit 2014 studiert er Dokumentarfilm an der selbstorganisierten Filmschule filmArche Berlin. Seit 2016 ist er Mitglied des Landesvorstandes der Berliner DIE LINKE. Im Oktober 2017 organisiert er zum ersten Mal das AKE DIKHEA? Festival of Romani Film. Im April 2018 war er Co-Kurator der 1st Roma Biennale, der ersten selbstorganisierten Biennale von und mit Roma-Künstler*innen aus ganz Europa am Maxim Gorki Theater.

Hamze Bytyci, born in Prizren / Kosovo in 1982, lives and works in Berlin. In 1989 his family came to Germany with their two sons, another brother was born after they arrived. After intermediate stays in residences for asylum seekers, the family landed in Freiburg in 1992. Bytyci took his first steps as an activist in the Kirchenasyl in Tübingen in 1991. In Freiburg, he founded the Amaro Drom (Our Way) organisation in 2005. After a one-year engagement at the Zurich Theatre 58, he moved to Berlin in 2006, performing and directing at the Ballhaus Naunynstraße and Maxim Gorki Theatre, as well as at smaller theatres. Bytyci began working as an independent theatre and media pedagogue at various schools in Berlin in 2007. In 2010, he founded the Berlin state association Amaro Foro (Our City). In 2011 Bytyci resigned his positions in both organisations and founded RomaTrial e.V., an association with similar aims. He also manages the online Radio Corel and organizes international film summer schools under the label Balkan Onions. In 2012, he developed his own interactive performance format with Hilton Room 437, devoting himself to social and political issues. He began studies in documentary film at the self-organized film school Arche Berlin in 2014. In addition to his work in Berlin, Bytyci performs and directs at smaller theatres across Germany and Switzerland. He has also appeared in some films, including Rosas Höllenfahrt (History of Hell) and Leyla. In April 2018, he co-curated the 1st Roma Biennal, the first self-ofganized Bienal by and with artists from all over Europe.

  • Building bridges: a talk across different movements in Germany/// Kämpfe verbinden: Wie kann eine solidarische Praxis aussehen? (livestream)
Imeh Ituen

Imeh Ituen is a social scientist, human rights and climate activist. She studied Social Sciences and Integrated Natural Resource Management in Berlin and Perth, Australia and is particularly interested in racism and colonial continuities in the climate crisis. Imeh is part of the BIPoc (Black Indigenous People of Colour) environmental and climate justice collective Black Earth.

  • Tea circle on History of Climate Justice Movements (livestream)
Jessica Norales

She is the coordinator of OFRANEH Europa. OFRANEH, the Organización Fraternal Negra Hondureña (Organization of Black brothers and sisters of Honduras), was born in 1978, as a Federation of the garífuna (afrodescendant) people of Honduras, fighting for their cultural and territorial rights, with the purpose of achieving survival as a differentiated culture.

  • Learning from the global south a talk across different activists from around the world (livestream)
Kawa Eibesh

Kawa Eibesh studiert in Münster Politikwissenschaft und Philosophie und engagiert sich im Bundesvorstand der BUNDjugend für die Themen Klimagerechtigkeit und Antirassismus.

  • Migrant rights and Climate Crisis
Klima del Sol
  • Presentation of different groups, collectives and projects
Leonie Baumgarten-Egemole

Leonie Baumgarten-Egemole ist Aktivistin in verschiedenen antirassistischen Bewegungen und engagiert sich auf mehreren Ebenen sozial für eine diskriminierungsfreie Gesellschaft. Neben dem Jurastudium organisiert sie unter anderem beispielsweise Demonstrationen gegen Rassismus und für Klimagerechtigkeit. Hierbei ist ihr eine intersektionelle Betrachtung der verschiedenen Kämpfe sehr wichtig.

  • Building bridges: a talk across different movements in Germany/// Kämpfe verbinden: Wie kann eine solidarische Praxis aussehen? (livestream)
Loubna Messaoudi

Loubna Messaoudi ist Gründerin und Geschäftsführerin von BIWOC * Rising, dem ersten intersektionalen Coworking & Social Club nur für Black, Indigenous, Women of colour, * sowie Transfrauen und nicht-binäre Menschen of colour in Deutschland.
Sie ist ehemalige Airline-Pilotin, hat einen Abschluss in Medienwissenschaften und Philosophie und eine Weiterbildung in Sound- und Videodesign. Vor der Gründung von BIWOC * Rising war sie in der Medien und Kultur Branche tätig, sowie bei verschiedenen gemeinnützigen Organisationen. Ihre Arbeit in den letzten Jahren konzentriert sich auf die Verschränkung diskriminierender Strukturen von Frauen of colour und die damit verbundene wirtschaftliche, gesellschaftliche und soziale Teilhabe. Mit ihrem intersektionalen Empowerment Projekt kreiert sie Safer Spaces mit dekolonialen und antipatrirchalichen Struktuen für BIWoC. Darüber hinaus bietet sie Mediation und Anti-Bias-Training an.

  • Building bridges: a talk across different movements in Germany/// Kämpfe verbinden: Wie kann eine solidarische Praxis aussehen? (livestream)
Minh and Shayli
  • Challenges of being a BIPoC activist in the white-dominated spaces

about me

  • Organizer's Statement & presentation of the Orga Crew
  • Getting to know each other and group building exercises
  • Traveling short films from the Amazonian Film school
  • Open assembly: Where do we want to go from here and what do we need?
  • Closing statement and group photo!!
Peter Donatus

Peter Donatus is a freelance journalist and human rights and environmental activist. He was born in Nigeria and migrated to Germany 31 years ago after enduring several months of captivity and torture.
As an advocate for our sisters and brothers on the African continent, especially in Nigeria, he founded Pay Day Africa International among other projects and activities. He is known for his efforts against the Shell company going far back to the 90s, when he also brought the term „ecocide“ into broad knowledge. He is fighting against racism, depletion of natural resources on the African continent and for reparations for transatlantic slavery.

  • Tea circle on History of Climate Justice Movements (livestream)
  • Climate Justice & Sexism

Trang arbeitet derzeit als freiberufliche Bildungsreferentin, schreibt und lebt in Leipzig.

  • Empowerment & Love
United Colours of Change
  • Presentation of different groups, collectives and projects