Building solidarity between movements for change: The Zapatistas and Degrowth
2021-09-01, 10:30–12:30 (Europe/Berlin), Zelt 12
Language: English

The workshop seeks to explore how we can build bridges between social movements and find better strategies to unite different fights while respecting their historical, geopolitical, and epistemic embeddedness. This is based on the assumption that solidarity between actors and communities is needed in order to create a global agenda for change that is able to respond to the challenges of our times such as climate change and social injustice. To delve into these ideas and questions, I am focusing on the journey of the Zapatistas to Europe this summer, their encounter with local movements and the degrowth notion. Attending to the dynamics between movements world-wide is a crucial step for decolonising our understanding of what it means to ‘live well’ and strive for alternatives to neoliberal capitalism. A formulation of a decolonial transition includes re-situating degrowth relative to the global south and to Indigenous and other resistance movements. This entails a juxtaposing of ways of knowing the world, of negotiating different knowledge claims, and of embracing counter-hegemonic forms of solidarity.

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The workshop explores how we can better unite our fights and build bridges between social movements and discourses worldwide. This summer, the Zapatistas are travelling to Europe to interact with local movements and to embrace a more pluriversal approach to change.

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Building solidarity between movements for change: Degrowth and the Zapatistas

I am a Masters student in Anthropology focusing on Degrowth and social movements, curious to learn about people's world-views and their ideas and practices of creating a good life for all.