Climate Camp Leipzig 2020

Radical Resilience: Film and Workshop about Burnout & Activism
2020-06-06, 15:30–18:30, Workshop tent 2 (english)
Language: English

(Please note that this workshop will end at 18:30. The first hour 15:30-16:30 we will watch the film together, more info below.)
How sustainable are our movements? Do we gain strength from our activism or does it burn us out? Are our group dynamics supportive or are they sometimes also draining? How do mechanisms of oppression and privilege play into it all? And how can we improve things?
In Radical Resilience activists from different contexts share their experience and reflections regarding burnout and resilience.

At the beginning of the workshop we will watch the film made by the group. You can also join the screening with following discussion at 11-13:00 in the circus tent. In that case, you can come for the workshop at 16:40. During the workshop we’ll deepen our own connection to the themes of the film by discussing in small groups. Whether you want to come along with your group, or form your discussion group during the workshop, all are very welcome!

PS: if you can't watch at either time send us an email and we can give you the link to watch alone. Our contact details are on our blog


Wir sind Lina und Delila, wir haben lange auf verschiedenen
(Wald)besetzungen gelebt, waren aber auch in der
Klimagerechtigkeitsbewegung generell aktiv, seit einigen Jahren ist
Lina chronisch krank, und unserer Hauptprojekt ist dieser Film gewesen.

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