Climate Camp Leipzig 2020

How Young South African Activists Contribute to Social Justice in Times of Corona
2020-06-06, 11:00–13:00, Workshop tent 1 (english)

This workshop is held by South African Activists 4 Social Justice In Times of Covid19.
The lock down in South Africa is challenging the communities in painful ways. Social and environmental injustice is more evident than ever and affects the population, especially the poor, in demanding ways.
The group Vrygrond United 4 Change was formed in response to the severe challenges the community is facing especially in terms of food security. Vrygrond is one of the oldest informal settlements in the Cape Town Region. Unemployment, gangsterism and lack of land are some of the main issues the community needs to deal with.

In this workshop session, you are invited to meet the team and find out more about the current crisis in Vrygrond and how the group tries to contribute not only to food security but also to equality and justice.
We are all in this together.