Climate Camp Leipzig 2020

Climate Justice: From Mauna Kea to Lusatia
2020-06-07, 11:00–13:00, Workshop tent 2 (english)
Language: English

In this interactive workshop, we discuss anti-capitalist and anti-colonial perspectives on the climate crisis using a variety of case studies. Everyone is talking about climate justice – but what does the term actually mean and what does it do in different contexts? And what can we as activists learn from the theory and praxis of anti-colonial struggles and the experiences of the environmental justice movement?

The workshop will be held in English.


Mihir Sharma teaches at the University of Bayreuth und writes about social movements, racism and anti-racism, political economy and climate activism for Analyse und Kritik, Stillpoint, and Argument.

Elias König writes about philosophy, colonialism, and the climate crisis, for example, for The Ecologist and He is currently involved with the Eine S-Bahn für Alle campaign in Berlin.