#by2020 transregional strategy discussion / #by2020 bundesweite Strategiediskussion
2019-08-03, 09:00–18:00, Tent 2
Language: English

Hey folks

for a while there is a call-out going round: „By2020WeRiseUp“. Maybe you‘ve already heard of it…

The idea is for everyone - willing to rise up for climate justice - to discuss strategies for an uprising in a coordinated manner from the end of September 2019 on. The intent is to create a non-hierarchical platform to act as decentralized as possible, but all using the same time period in solidarity.

There are strategy meetings happening all over Europe, trying to develop an effective strategy for protest, which will kick off around the global general strike “Earth Strike” of all grass roots movements in late September!

This workshop shall enable a national level of networking – that doesn’t mean at all, that only deligates from nationwide initiatives are invited. Our hope is to gather as many deligated people as possible from ALL groups in the same place…

Therefore we invite everyone, who is motivated to set an end to climate change and our destructive system and wants to get carried away by the idea of coming change, to join our multi-day workshop/ networking portal! ;)

On Saturday and Sunday the 3rd and 4th August, our conference is officially announced in the program. The two days from then we will be on a grass area, due to limited space in the WS tents. They'll be announced offline only.

Possible Discussion points could be: getting to know each other and networking; empowering ourselves by seeing that we can do this; brainstorming who to mobilize and target; which regions are covered?, how to communicate strategy within the network and beyond?; how to get knowledge for regional demands; finding a timeline for demands.

We hope that some of you might already brainstorm how a practical strategy for upcoming autumn could look like within your protest movement/ affinity group and how to include them into the idea of a europe-wide call out.


See you there! :)

Es geht ein Aufruf herum: "By2020WeRiseUp"

Die Idee dieses Workshops ist es, eine Strategie zu diskutieren und sich ab Ende September 2019 koordiniert für den Systemwechsel einzusetzen.
Ziel ist es, eine nicht-hierarchische Plattform zu schaffen, um sich so dezentral wie möglich zu erheben und dabei in Solidarität den gleichen Zeitraum zu nutzen.
Dieser Workshop soll Vernetzung auf nationaler Ebene ermöglichen. Wir hoffen, dass wir aus JEDER (kleinen) Gruppe Delegierte für unseren mehrtägigen Workshop zur konkreten Strategiediskussion bekommen!

Prerequisites for participants

none in general, everyone will be welcomed and included, but it would be nice if every deligate comes with a concrete input/mandate from their group about their local situation and having discussed the strategy guidelines of #by2020WeRiseUp (or had their own strategy brainstorming), so we can directly start into discussion. :)

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