Anti-racism from decolonial feminist geography methods / Anti-Rassimus mit dekolonial-feministischen, geographischen Methoden
2019-08-05, 10:00–12:30, Main tent

Environmental racism is at the core of climate change, demonstrating how certain racialized populations are more affected by extractive-led contamination than others. Nevertheless, concepts such as environmental racism tend to be predominant in global north contexts. This workshop will focus on anti-racists efforts carried out in the Andean region of South America in relation to extractive led violence. The central question that the workshop will address is: what are the ways forward when we think of anti-racism and environmental racism from a transnational perspective? To answer this question we will carry out a decolonial feminist method of body-territory and a feminist cartography methods to map out the links between our anti-racist methods across scales.

Dieser Workshop zielt darauf ab, bereits eingeleitete transnationale Allianzen über die Bedeutung von Umweltrassismus und antirassistischen Bemühungen zu bilden.
Wir werden eine dekolonial-feministische Methode der Körperarbeit und eine feministische Kartographie durchführen, um die Zusammenhänge zwischen antirassistischen Methoden über Maßstäbe hinweg darzustellen.