Simon Jakob

Simon works as a freelance trainer for Climate Justice and Anti-Discrimination and is active in the peace-organisation Service Civil International, the aviation opposition group stay grounded and the Transition Town Network.
The workshop will be co-facilitated by an other activist of Service Civil International.


A Critical Perspective on solutions of the aviation-problem / Eine kritische Perspektive auf Lösungen der Flugproblematik
Simon Jakob

Global travelling is a part of everyday life for upper class western society. Whether it's the backpacking tour in Thailand, the weekend at Rome or the trip to the Degrowth-conference in Mexico ... Each of these destinations is easy to reach by plane. One flight from Frankfurt to Bangkok and back releases c. 6200 kg of CO2 per person into the atmosphere, in Germany about 10% of the greenhouse gases are emitted by the aviation sector. However, the climatically compatible annual budget of CO2 per person is only 2300 kg. Therefore, flying has a strong negative impact on climate and environment. At the same time it reproduces global inequalities. About 95% of the world's population has never been on a plane.
In this Workshop we want to take a look at a number of already existing solution strategies as well as utopias: Can more efficient technologies or CO2-compensation make up for the negative effects of flying? How can we decrease the amount of global transportation of goods and passengers and make it more climate-friendly? Which political means exist to organize the change towards a sustainable global mobility? What is critical about carbon-compensation programs ? All points are discussed out of a critical perspective, regarding global power-structures and inequalities.

Workshops on social-ecological transformation
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