sofia zaragocin

Sofia is an Assistant Profesor at the International Relations Department of Universidad San Francisco de Quito, with research interests on decolonial feminist geography and processes of racialization of space. She has written on geographies of settler colonialism along Latin American Borderlands, feminist geography and mapping gender- based violence in Ecuador. She is currently working on a hemispheric study on the hydro-social cycle, women and mining along the Americas. She is also part of the Critical Geography Collective of Ecuador, an autonomous interdisciplinary group that seeks territorial resistance through a wide range of socio- spatial geographical methodologies.


Anti-racism from decolonial feminist geography methods / Anti-Rassimus mit dekolonial-feministischen, geographischen Methoden
sofia zaragocin

Environmental racism is at the core of climate change, demonstrating how certain racialized populations are more affected by extractive-led contamination than others. Nevertheless, concepts such as environmental racism tend to be predominant in global north contexts. This workshop will focus on anti-racists efforts carried out in the Andean region of South America in relation to extractive led violence. The central question that the workshop will address is: what are the ways forward when we think of anti-racism and environmental racism from a transnational perspective? To answer this question we will carry out a decolonial feminist method of body-territory and a feminist cartography methods to map out the links between our anti-racist methods across scales.

Workshops on Antiracism
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