Jobst Heizig

Dr. Jobst Heitzig is a Senior Researcher at the Potsdam Institute for Climate
Impact Research and co-leader of its FutureLab on Game Theory and Networks of
Interacting Agents. He holds a PhD in mathematics from Hannover University and
has worked as a scientific officer with the German National Statistical Office,
as a data warehouse analyst with the German Development Bank KfW, and as a
freelance statistical software trainer with SAS. He was a project lead of an EIT
Climate-KIC project on Power Grid Stability (SWIPO), co-speaker of the flagship
project copan – coevolutionary pathways, and has organized several
interdisciplinary international workshops and conferences.


What's a public good, and can you negotiate a climate deal? / Was ist Gemeingut, und ist ein Klimadeal verhandelbar?
Jobst Heizig, Jobst Heitzig

Greenhouse gas emissions reductions are a so-called public
good. Using some simple examples, we will try understanding what that means and
why it is so hard to get public goods realized. After a short input presentation
on the theory of public goods and climate economics, we will engage into a
role-play where each participant takes the perspective of a major player (a
country, group of countries, industry, NGO, science, the press) and tries to
negotiate a simple climate deal with the others, followed by an extensive
discussion of what can be learned from this exercise.

Workshops on social-ecological transformation
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