• Project Coordinator, Enhalon, Struga - Networking of civil organizations in the field of ecology and environment
• Civil Action Coordinator - Inclusion of persons with disabilities in the labor market.
• Local Project Coordinator against Hate Speech - funded by the Embassy of the Republic of France in the Republic of Macedonia
• The author of the analysis within the project "Alliance for Regional Development" - Involvement of the civil sector in the creation of the policies of the Center for development of the South-west planning region
• Field Researcher - The Challenges of Chapter 27-Challenges at central and local level, sectoral environment and climate change.
• Inclusion in the preparation of local action plans in the area of social and cultural activities.
• The inclusion in decision-making at the local level from the NGO sector.

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Ohrid Lake - protected UNESCO region climate change challenges / Ohrid Lake - Herausforderungen des Klimawandels am Beispiel der geschützten UNESCO Region

Challenges at the local level from the consequences of climate change can be analyzed from several aspects
Ecological aspect
State of biodiversity
Flora and fauna are disturbed
Impact of climate change of water level in Ohrid Lake
Water quality
Protected areas.
Energy aspect of coping with climate change in UNESCO region in RNM can be addressed in next areas increase of usage of renewable energy sources (solar energy) and the potential for its use at institutional and households level ,lowering use of hydro potentials due to disruption of biodiversity of the lake.
As economic aspect to cope with climate change can be analyzed the potentials of the lake for tourism and rural development and economic benefits (Business sector, hotels, tourist facilities)
On intuitional level as proposed activities to cope with climate change increasing of Cross-sector cooperation on local ,regional ,national and supranational level is needed because Ohrid Lake is divided between Macedonia and Albania ,and lately part of Ohrid Lake that belongs to Albania will be propose to become protected under UNESCO with which all this region will need supranational collaboration in terms of protection, sustainable development and coping with climate changes. Overcoming of administrative obstacles for better management of natural resources is needed. Citizens' participation in decision-making at the local level is also important part of creating and implementing measures for coping with climate change and environmental protection.

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