Aldana Tibaldo

My name is Aldana Tibaldo. I'm 23 years. I am Argentinian. I was born on March 31 in 1996. I was born in Llambi Campbell and when I started college I moved to Santa Fe. I study industrial design at the National University of the Littoral. I speak spanish and english.
I am a volunteer in "La Funda" and in "Eco-Club".
My interests are Social Design, UX design and Circular economy.
My hobbies are swimming, reading, cooking drawing and painting.

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Social Design and Circular Economy - Revaluation of the waste / Soziales Design und Kreislaufwirtschaft - Aufwertung von Abfällen
Aldana Tibaldo

Workshop description
Currently, the great amount and variety of products and services, which are commercialized is alarming. They are not produced just to satisfy a basic necessity but to fabricate people’s need. Some of these take up an important role in our daily life. These products are not just a waste when they are disposed after they were used, but the whole production chain (manufacturing, distribution, and commercialization) pollutes the Environment.
The pollution produced from the not environmental friendly processes and the excess of production ended it affecting population, without distinction between the kinds of consumers. This economic model is not a new one, but in the previous years, different environmental authorities continue to warning about the unsustainability of the model. Our planet cannot sustain the consume rhyme that people currently have. And every year the natural resources assign to it, are consumed faster. This problem affects not just the current generation but the future ones.
But what if it were possible to use these waste to produce new products?
These workshop points to encourage participants, from the industrial design subject, to think about this problematic and get an overview about social design and circular economy. To think proposals to revaluate waste from industries, with the give it another use and prevent future environmental damages. On the other hand, it is important to people get involved in social matters and reach out vulnerable economy sectors of the society, to improve it.
The main goal of this workshop is to develop the participant’s empathy and creativity in a way to discuss environmental problems solutions, encouraging the feeling that the change is possible only if we work to improve the world and its inhabitant’s situation.

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