Women in Exile

WOMEN IN EXILE is an initiative of refugee women founded in Brandenburg in 2002 by refugee women to fight for their rights. We decided to organize as a refugee women’s group because we have made the experience that refugee women are doubly discriminated against not only by racist laws and discriminative refugee laws in general but also as women.
WOMEN IN EXILE & FRIENDS was formed in 2011 by Women in Exile & activists in solidarity without refugee background. Together we fight for the utopia of a just society without exclusion and discrimination, with equal rights for all, irrespective of where they come from and where they go to.
Two women from us will come and give the workshop in english.


Climate change is a flight reason / Klimawandel ist ein Fluchtgrund
Women in Exile

From a refugee women perspective we share how we see climate changes as one of the flight reasons and leading to migration. Land- & Watergrabbing, the destruction and change of eco-systems, labour and ressources exploitation as as factors contributing to climate changes and affecting peoples lives leading to migration and flight. Discussing on concrete examples from kenia flower industry and tropical deforestation in african countries and the role of multinational companies. How can we work together and be part of an international movement against climate injustice?

Workshops on Antiracism
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